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What is a Transition Town? Dundas Ontario in Transition
What is a Transition Town? Transition Guelph, Ontario
Transition Town Peterborough Peterborough, Ontario - 50 KB pdf
Curtailment & Community Megan Quinn Bachman
The Earth Charter www.earthcharter.org - 91 KB pdf
Saving Energy - It starts at home National Geographic, 2009 March
Boulder's Transition Movement www.DailyCamera.com
Transition Town Lampeter, Wales Guardian.co.uk, 2009 Apr 07
Sandpoint, Idaho New York Times, 2009 Apr 16
Economies in Transition Transition Culture, 2009 Apr 27
Transition Towns sweeping the world Observer, Guardian, 2009 May 31
Great God Growth Munroe Scott, TT Peterborough
Prosperity without Growth - summary Sustainable Development Commission - 150KB pdf
Prosperity without Growth SDC - 3MB pdf
Imagine: Prosperity without growth Murray Dobbin, 2009 Jun 19
Transition Culture Alastair Bland, 2009 Jun 22
The Transition Initiative Jay Griffiths, 2009 Jun 26
Rebuilding Community Transition Barrie, 2009 Jun 30
The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan Dept of Energy & Climate Change, 2009 Jul 15, 5MB pdf
A Transition Take on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan Transition Culture, 2009 Jul 17
Transition Towns GreenLiving, 2009 Jul 30
Transition Towns - audio CBC Radio, 2009 Aug 08 - 6 MB, 6 min
Peak Oil & Transition Towns - audio Dispatches, 2009 Aug 27 - 23 MB, 25min
Would you know how to survive after the oil crash? Tara Lohan, AlterNet, 2009 Sep 17
Searching for a Miracle Richard Heinberg, 2009 Nov 10, 2.7MB pdf
The Ascent of Humanity Charles Eisenstein, an exerpt: Social Capital
Peak Oil movement prepares fo the worst New York Times, 2010 Jun 05
Dark Clouds of Climate Change 2010 Sep 22, Gord Miller, The Hamilton Spectator
Ingredients of Transition - Ensuring Land Access 2010 Nov 4, Transition Culture
Ingredients of Transition - Strategies for plugging the leaks 2010 Nov 8, Transition Culture
Totnes: Britain's town of the future 2011 Feb 06, The Guardian
Global Warming and downpours 2011 Feb 16, Hamilton Spectator
Ideas Contest Dundas Star News, 2009 Jan 23
Dundas ramps up Dundas Star News, 2009 Feb 06
Transition Town ideas roll in Dundas Star News, 2009 Mar 13
Winners to be announced Dundas Star News, 2009 Mar 27
Making Dundas greener Hamilton Spectator, 2009 Apr 07
Transition Town kicks off Dundas Star News, 2009 Apr 09
Transition moving forward Dundas Star News, 2009 May 08
Dundas in Transition Dundas Star News, 2009 May 22

The Good Stuff

Another must read from Transition Culture

The Transition Initiative

Jay Griffiths - Orion Magazine

2009 Jun 26


Article posted on Transition Culture

Alastair Bland - North Bay Bohemian


Imagine: Prosperity without growth

Murray Dobbin - rabble.ca


new economics foundation

economics as if people and the planet mattered

The Great Transition

Creating New Money

The Art of Rapid Transition

Green Well Fair

21 Hours

and many more...

new economics foundation


and more articles & essays









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